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After 50 years as a furniture manufacturer one develops an eye for the need of a better product. This was the case a year ago when I purchased a foundation for my latex mattress, purchased online. The mattress was high quality and has exceeded our expectations. The foundation, which came from another source, did not match the quality of the mattress and we quickly returned it for a full refund. This prompted me to build a foundation that would exceed the preformance and expectations of the consumer. The biggest problem with other foundations we found in the market place was excessive space between the wood slats or metal cross beams. There should be not more than 3″ of space between each slat to give your latex or memory foam mattress the support it needs. The net negative effect of too much space between slats is the mattress wears out quicker. We recognized this and increased number of slats to 15 in a queen size instead of 11 or 12 we found in other wood foundations. The problem was even greater with metal foundations, which work fine for innerspring mattresses but are absolutely the wrong support foundation for latex and memory foam.

Every US Box Spring mattress foundation is made in the US from all wood products. Each foundation is fully pre-upholstered so you don’t have to deal with a combersome cover that is difficult to apply. Assembly requires no tools and takes only 10 minutes. Step by step assembly insturctuons are included.

You can also easily exchange product if found to be defective for 100% of your purchase price, less shipping charges.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to serving you.

Bill Autrey

US Box Spring.com