Your US Mattress metal foundation arrives
1. Arrange side rails, center rail and 2 end rails as shown with plastic slat holders on top. Bottom of 2 end rails will have strips of velcro on underside where the cover will be attached in last step
2.Side rails and end rails are attached with curved plastic holders for top and bottom of each corner. Insert plastic connectors on end rail top and bottom and then guide into longer side rails.
3. Picture of end rails and side rails connection.
4. Additional image of side and end rails connection.
5. Foundation comes with 8 corner brackets for top and bottom of each corner, 8 plastic corner connectors for top and bottom. Also 5 optional feet if foundation is to be used as a stand alone.
6. Attached corner brackets on top and bottom of each corner. Note that top is attached with smooth side facing up to form a leval surface with side and end rails. Bottom corner bracket is attached with smooth side facing down. Note open holes on brackets where the optional feet will be attached as a last step if foundation is to be used as stand alone. Do not attach feet is foundation is to be used as an insert into existing bed frame.
7. Picture of foundation prior to connecting curved wooden slats. We are now ready to attached wooden curved slats.
8. Insert wooden curved slat into plastic holders opposite each other on left and right side. Rest end of slats on center piece.
9. Using plastic connector insert both ends of wooden slats while holding above center rail. Insert into two holes in center rail and with downward pressure snap into center rail.
10. Picture of assembled foundation prior to positioning extra 1x3 slats in between curved slats as desired, and attaching cover.
11. Place 1x3 slats in between curved slats for additonal support.
12. Lay quilted cover over foundation, pull four corners down to fitted position and tuck excess border underneth with attached velcro strips.
13. Assembled foundation
14. Feet for four corners are inserted into bottom corner brackets and attached with washer and nut. Center foot screws into predrilled threaded hole.
15. Additional picture
16. Additional picture underside of corner showing hole for foot
17. Picture with foot attached to corner.
18. Center rail with pre-drilled hole for foot. Screws in, no washer or nut.
19. Picture with center foot attached
20. Optional headboard brackets