About Us

After 30 years as a sleep products manufacturer, one develops an eye for the need of a better product. This was the case in 2007 when one of our online customers came to us with the need for a better foundation for their premium latex mattress. At that time there was only one company making an all wood knockdown, UPS shippable foundation and our customer found the quality of that company to be sub-standard.

We stepped in, identified the shortcomings, and built a foundation that was superior to any in the marketplace, and we made it affordable. We increased the number of slats to give each mattress more support by decreasing the open space between slats to less than 3”. Wide gaps between slats cause mattresses to wear out sooner but isn’t apparent until several years down the road. Since we set the size to less than 3”, this has become the industry standard with many following our recommendation.

We also raised the quality of the wood and went to smooth sanded surfaces on all 4 sides of each piece.

We then topped the foundation off with an all organic cotton cover, which attaches to foundation with Velcro instead of drawstring, which tends to break. Although other companies make a one piece king foundation, we chose to stay with the traditional two-piece foundation for all king size mattresses.

In our research we found a large demand for a lower profile foundation, so we made all foundations in regular height 8” and low profile 5.5”, all at the same price.

Every US Box Spring mattress foundation is made in Phoenix, AZ from all wood products sourced in the United States. Assembly requires no tools and takes only 15 minutes. Step by step assembly instructions are included with each shipment and an assembly video is on our USBoxspring.com website.

You can also easily exchange product if found to be defective for 100% of your purchase price, less shipping charges.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to serving you.

Larry Wolfe